Tom is a professionally trained and accomplished artist who specializes in "Malerisch" style painting, defined as "Celebration of Paint." His use of color and free movement of the brush result in meaningful and unique pieces.

Similar to his mentors, Tom's paintings feature unique brushstrokes, bold colors and paint, lots of paint.

Tom has always had a passion for painting, and his education goes back to his childhood. He spent over 25 years as a marketing executive, and after recently undergoing a kidney transplant, he decided to return to his passion and make it his full time career.

Tom lives in the South Bay, California.

Tom will work with you on recreating your favorite place and time. Whether it is a wedding, favorite vacation or family heirloom, Tom can capture the essence of what that means to you.  
Have questions or interested in enlisting Tom to create a custom piece? Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.