Preserve a special memory and have it brought to life.

Send an image that Tom will recreate so you can relive that memory every day.


Choose a special photo, drawing or memorabilia. After completing a short questionaire to define your needs and wants, Tom will provide timing, pricing and other details.

Upon agreement on terms, a 50% deposit is required.

Once the art is completed, final payment is due (including shipping and handling). Then, the commissioned piece will be shipped out for you to enjoy.


frequently asked questions

Yes. All art is created from photos taken, memories, locations and various inspiration. I do not replicate.

No. All images right or owned by Tom Delaney and can be used for new paintings, limited edition prints, artist cards or other items. However you are the proud owner of and original, one of a kind TDelaney fine peice of art.

Costs will vary based on the nature of the commission request. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Tom and he can discuss the process in detail for your specific needs.

Once you have signed the order form for your commissioned piece there are no refunds or cancellations. Tom spends many thoughtful hours, various materials and time away from other projects when creating each commissioned piece. It is important that each customer be satisified completely, so Tom works closely with his clients to ensure there is clarity on the purchasers vision for the piece.